Respite Care

P&M Management, Inc. recognizes that as a caregiver in the home, there may arise times when family members themselves need to focus on personal affairs thus requiring assistance with the care of their loved one. Our facilities offer a respite program that provides security and supervision in a caring and compassionate environment.

Our respite care program is designed to meet the physical and medical needs of a resident during a short-term stay. Traditional respite stays usually last between one and two weeks. This stay can be extended at the request of the resident’s attending physician along with facility approval. Respite residents can avail themselves of all of the programs offered at our facilities while continuing with their medical care as prescribed by their attending physician.

Whether you need protection for your loved one during your absence or you need a rest from the daily routine of being the primary caregiver, our respite program offers an affordable solution. Visit your location of choice for more information.