Holiday Manor Care Center

About Us

Holiday Manor Care Center is an inviting, comfortable, and knowledgable facility located in Canoga Park, CA. We are a 94 bed facility dedicated to providing a secured environment for those living with the varying stages of dementia. We care for those suffering with confusion, memory loss, wandering, restlessness, and thought disorders. We offer our residents stimulation and individualized programs designed to provide safety and freedom in a warm, caring, and home-like atmosphere. We provide the needed nursing and rehabilitation services to address both acute and chronic illness.

Dementia often begins as forgetfulness, but it can develop into conditions that include language problems, getting lost on familiar routes, changes in social skills, losing interest in things previously enjoyed, and difficulty performing routine tasks. Many attribute these conditions to part of the advancing of age, and people with dementia often do not recognize their impairments. When families realize the significance of their loved one’s condition an urgent demand for a safe and caring environment is needed. Holiday Manor Care Center understands the needs of those with dementia, and the needs of their families. Our staff is specifically trained in recognizing and providing the needed services for the many stages of dementia while providing family support groups and education programs.

We welcome your interest in our facility and look forward to sharing the many services we provide to meet the needs of residents and families alike. We invite you to come by or call us to schedule your tour today.

Quick Facts

  • All beds are Medicare and Medicaid certified.
  • The full in-house rehab unit provides: PT, OT, ST.
  • Admissions can be processed 24/7.
  • RNs are on duty and onsite 24 hours/day.

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